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dyllen nellis college apps

FREE and AFFORDABLE college application resources and services created by Stanford undergrad, Dyllen Nellis.
Essay editing, consulting, videos, and more!


The Ultimate College Essay Course

College Essay Editing & Consulting


Hello, I’m Dyllen Nellis!

I am a college consultant and undergraduate at Stanford University interested in the intersection between design, technology, and storytelling. I make YouTube videos on the college application process because I believe this information should be more accessible for students of all backgrounds!

How do you write college essays? Does your college application need a theme? What do admissions officers look for? How do you format a college essay? How do you stay organized?
All this and MORE can be found on my channel!


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing all these resources– it has definitely helped ease my stress! Stanford is my dream school, and seeing just how passionate, kind, and inspiring students like you are at Stanford makes me even more excited! 🙂

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