Hi, I'm Dyllen Nellis.

I am artist, performer, and entrepreneur.

The Artist
At the age of 4, I began dedicating my free time toward creating digital collages and drawings. Having fostered an affinity for visual art, I attended an arts high school in downtown Los Angeles where I refined my drawing skills, dove into graphic design, and practiced photography as a side hustle. I now focus my studies at Stanford University on the intersection between art and technology, through multimedia and human-computer interaction design. I am stepping foot into the 3D art realm and exploring ways to combine art, tech, and performance through immersive and interactive work.

The Performer
After years of dance training primarily from my mother, a professional dancer and actress, I discovered my love for musical theatre at 9 years old. Dancing, singing, acting, and storytelling all in one? Heck yes. Theatre arts is where I exert my bubbling energy, build confidence, and foster community. Additionally, I have found a creative outlet in songwriting, where I weave raw emotions into indie pop melodies.

The Entrepreneur
When I applied to college, I was struck by the information gap between those who have access to educational resources and those who don't. I now aim to increase accessibility around college application strategies by creating educational content on YouTube and offering a comprehensive online college essay course (CollegeEssayAdvice.com). I work as a college consultant to help students identify and effectively convey their personal values and story for college admission.