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Hi, I'm Dyllen Nellis.

I grew up in Los Angeles, California amongst a family of artists, who inspired me to become one myself. As an only child, I spent my free time making Photoshop collages, designing merchandise, and hustling to sell my creations online. Simultaneously, I fell in love with exerting my high energy in musical theatre productions and dance performances. I attended a visual and performing arts high school with a concentration in visual art and practiced freelance photography and graphic design on the side.

During college application season, I underwent a transformative personal growth journey in which I understood myself better than ever before, and developed strategies to communicate my values to others. After gaining acceptance to every school I applied to and committing to Stanford University, I began sharing college app strategies on YouTube, which later flourished into my current business: Dyllen’s College Essay Advice.

Narrowing my interests to just one felt impossible, so at Stanford, I created my own major entitled Human-Centered Design and Engineering. I am studying a delightful mixture of computer science, product design, psychology, and business, as I believe each one informs the other.

These days, I find myself taking on the roles of CEO, Product Manager, and Product Designer, among others. I love to lead teams and discover new ways to solve problems. My art and design background continues to shine through my work as I create the graphics, user interface, video production, and web design for each of my projects. My performance abilities have served my public speaking, in which I communicate with my teams, establish a social media presence, and host webinars to teach hundreds of students about college essay strategy.

Dyllen Nellis Stanford Engineering

My experiences have prompted a desire to understand how childhood development, upbringing, and mindsets affect one’s ability to succeed. Moving forward, I strive to promote personal growth, healthy communication, and self-confidence through the use of design and technology.


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