Hi, I'm Dyllen Nellis.

As I navigate through life, I have noticed the stark information gap between those who have access to educational resources and those who don’t. I am driven to bridge this gap by utilizing the lessons I learn from personal experience and providing clear, accessible, and structured resources for others. So far this has been to help students get into college, but who knows what’s next?

Though my interests are varied in a wide range of fields, I focus my studies at Stanford University on the intersection between art and technology, through multimedia and human-computer interaction design. I hope to create more immersive and interactive work with art, tech, and performance in the near future.

But above all, I am an artist, a creator of ~things~. I work in graphic design, photo/video content, web design, and traditional art. I love to perform in musical theatre, dance, act, and sing. I also write and produce my own songs, so you might wanna give me a follow on Spotify 😉

In my personal and professional development, I hope to find ways to combine all of my passions within my work.

Dyllen Nellis