New Media

A Dialogue With The Self - 2020

Explores the conversations we have with ourselves: the power plays, the fights, and ultimately the understanding. How can we work in harmony with our inner selves?

Choreographed, animated, and performed by Dyllen Nellis. Song: "Cant Remember" by Player Dave.​

Head in the Clouds - 2019

My 3D animated loop portrays an abstract representation of the mind during the process of daydreaming. Viewers are guided into the mind to explore the right and left brain. Both sides of the brain feature crowded and uncanny shapes, but the right side focuses more on imagination while the left side focuses on self-reflection. My project aims to portray the complexity of what goes through one’s mind while the rest of the world stands still. Made in Blender for Stanford University class "Data As Material".

A Flash of Life - 2019

Revolving around the theme of "time", I created a stop motion animation focusing on the life of my mom. The beginning signifies her living in and enjoying the present moment. When a wave of the past washes over her, she recollects her experiences growing up as a child. She arises from the wave now acknowledging the passage of time and reflecting on her journey from where she began to where she is now. Featuring Cindera Che. Created in Adobe After Effects for Stanford University class "Digital Art 1".

Time Is an Illusion - 2019

Coding project using Processing. I wanted to contrast how time seems to pass subtly in the present moment, but ultimately it feels like time is flashing before our eyes. As we grow older, we perceive time as moving faster and faster. When the mouse is clicked, the speed of rotation dramatically increases and colors & shapes flash in the background. This is a short video of my interaction with the program. Created in Processing for Stanford University class "Digital Art 1".


Dance short film about two people who only exist in each other's memory until they finally reconnect.

Directed, Edited, & Performed by Dyllen Nellis. Choreographed & Performed by Danny Inestroza. Cinematography by Jose Danny Gonzalez. Song: “Paranoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds” by SAFIA.