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Nurtue exists to improve the relationship between parents and their children.
With Nurtue, parents will raise empathetic and effective communicators, while simultaneously becoming one themselves.

  • Connects parents to a supportive community of experts and fellow parents.

  • Promotes effective communication via interactive modules.

  • Guides parents through healthy conflict resolution.

Selected out of 55 teams by 16 judges at the Stanford
🏆 Best Visual Design
🏆 Best Website


Role: Product Designer

Tools: Figma, React Native, Marvel POP, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro

Responsibilities: I worked in a team of four to design and build the mobile application. We conducted user interviews, created empathy maps, and followed the design thinking process to define points of view and ideate human-centered solutions. I was in charge of the UI/UX design for our low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes, logo design, curating the content for the interactive modules, as well as the directing, performing, and editing of our concept video and video demo. Our solution went through several design iterations using the results from the user testing of our experience prototypes, the usability testing of our low-fidelity prototype, and the heuristic evaluation of our high-fidelity prototype. The final product is a functioning mobile application developed in React Native.

Dyllen Nellis Cat Horkay Rui Ying Meng Guo James Landay Nurtue CS 147 Stanford UniversityDyllen Nellis Cat Horkay Rui Ying Meng Guo James Landay Nurtue CS 147 Stanford UniversityDyllen Nellis Cat Horkay Rui Ying Meng Guo James Landay Nurtue CS 147 Stanford University

Pitched our app to an audience of 150-200 guests and 16 judges at the Stanford

Final Product Demo:


Feel free to scroll and click around!

Interactive High-Fidelity Prototype:

Feel free to click around in the Nurtue app!
Created in Figma.

Design System:

Nurtue Design System

Concept Video:

Low-Fidelity Prototype:

Feel free to click around!
Created in Marvel POP.

Our Team:

Cat Horkay

Cat Horkay
Product Manager

Dyllen Nellis

Dyllen Nellis
Product Designer

Meng Guo

Meng Guo
UX Researcher

Rui Ying

Rui Ying
Software Engineer

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