Honey Wise


By Dyllen Nellis, Joann Won, Robin Park, Diana Lee Guzman

2017 Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program

Welcome to Bubble, the ultimate tracking app. Bubble is an Android application capable of keeping track and ensuring the safety of life’s necessities. Any item attached to our tracker can be traced through our mobile app.

Users are able to rename their tracker, locate it through the app, and get directions from Google Maps. We made our GPS Tracker + programmed it from scratch to communicate with our app via Bluetooth. We have also begun implementing a schedule in order to be informed of where the tracker’s host is expected to be within specific time ranges.

If you are a parent or a pet owner, you should download Bubble. Or even if you are just a forgetful person, this app is for you too. Bubble ensures your ability to stay aware of where your child, pet, or valuables are, without the need of another mobile device receiver.

Life’s necessities will be within your Bubble.