The Ultimate Guide to
Craft Your Story!

Online Course & Interactive Workbook
to Develop, Structure, and Strategize
a Successful College Essay

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The Ultimate Guide To Craft Your Story! Online Course & Interactive Workbook


When you buy this guide,
you also provide one to a
First-Generation, Low-Income student!

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“Thank you so much for this. I scrapped three personal statements and kept on wondering what went wrong; all of them just felt really off and had a robotic feel to it.
I realized that it’s because I jumped to the word-vomit stage without writing down my values + bullets, or establishing a structure.”
“This technique is really helpful because it strips it all down to the bare bones so you have a reliable structure/foundation.”

What Makes This Course Unique?

• Don’t get bogged down by hundreds of pages of information from books and blogs-
I’ve already done all the heavy lifting! This course condenses the most ESSENTIAL information into a COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE!

• Focused on strategic planning to save you time by ensuring that your essay is
well-organized and reflects your personal essence.

• Includes structured outlines for college essays that hit all the necessary components
while maintaining flexibility.

• This isn’t just a college essay guide, it’s a journey toward self-discovery.

• Created by Stanford student, Dyllen Nellis, who has the recent personal experience
of applying to college and has thoroughly researched the college application process!

“This is so easy to follow! I am not lost anymore!”
“I’ve been researching about how to write college essays and I’ve watched a few YouTube videos about it, but your explanation was the best one by far.”

What is Included?

Step By Step Course on Teachable10 Chapters of Valuable Content!
A Digital Workbook that you can fill out on Google Slides!

• Self-Reflection & Values Exercises
• Brainstorming Exercises
• Idea Mapping to Find Your Best Topic
• Essay Structures

Successful College Example Essays & Structure Breakdown
• College Essay Do’s & Don’ts
• How to Write the Opening Anecdote & Closing Sentences
The Writing & Revision Process

• Common Mistakes & How to Fix Them
• A Compiled List of Overused Phrases
• Strategies to Improve Storytelling

Videos to Supplement the Writing Process

“Dyllen breaks down the complex college admission process into something more understandable.”

“It’s gotten me pumped and excited for the whole application process instead of stressing me out!”

Suitable For All Learners

Visual: Diagrams & charts to visualize essay structure!
Kinesthetic: Brainstorming and idea mapping exercises. Learn by doing!
Reading & Writing: Straight-to-the-point text, bullet points, and example essays.
Auditory: Videos in which I explain concepts!

“Watching your videos helped me tremendously on my essays and the admissions process, so much so that I can proudly say that I’m part of the Stanford c/o 2024!”

“Dyllen gave me confidence and motivation to effectively plan out my time toward building a good application.”

Dyllen Nellis

The Ultimate Guide
to Craft Your Story!

By Dyllen Nellis

Dyllen Nellis on YouTube

@imdyllen on Instagram

My Story

Hi, I’m Dyllen. I am a current Stanford student interested in the intersection between design, technology, and storytelling. When I applied to college, I sought out numerous articles, books, and videos to gain valuable insight into the college application process. What I learned was indispensable. I was accepted into 8/8 schools I applied to including Stanford, USC, UCLA, NYU, and more. Two years later, I continue to thoroughly research college essay strategies, work with students, and create educational content on YouTube to increase accessibility around college applications.

Why I Created This Guide

After gaining an understanding of the many techniques used to craft a successful college essay, I decided to formulate a comprehensive guide that combines all of my research into one systematic process. I have developed a strategic, simplified, and structured method that will lead you through each step of writing a college essay from ideation to completion. My system places emphasis on the necessary pre-production work that will save time in the long run by ensuring that your essay is well-organized and reflects your personal essence. Through this online course and interactive workbook, I intend to relieve the stress that often comes with college essays and incite confidence and determination toward this effective, hands-on approach.

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“I’d just like to say thank you so SO much for creating such valuable, informative, creative, fun (the list goes on haha), etc. content for students! Every video you’ve posted and resource you have provided has been extremely helpful, and I want to say that I am so grateful to have come across your platform.
It’s so amazing how you’re so dedicated to helping students with their college journey, and thank you for that!!!”

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Enroll Now!


The Ultimate Guide To Craft Your Story! Online Course & Interactive Workbook


When you buy this guide,
you also provide one to a
First-Generation, Low-Income student!

***Due to the digital nature of this course and workbook, all sales are final. There are no refunds available.***

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